Our portable and rechargable blender is perfect for people on the go, or those of us who have litmited space iin the kitchen!

Great For Everyone!

Whether you're a person on the go, strapped for space at home, or just don't like a messy clean up, this blender is for you!

  • Easy To Clean!

    You only need to add some water to the cup and press the start button to begin the automatic cleaning. Simple Assembly!

  • Rechargeable!

    The USB juicer cup is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery that can be easily charged through a power library, laptop, computer, mobile phone, or another USB device!

  • Environmentally Friendly!

    This Blender uses food-grade non-toxic and environmentally friendly PP&ABS materials, so your only worry is what kind of smoothie to make!

  • Affordable With Fast Shipping!

    Only $29.99! Much cheaper than similarly sized blenders! And shipping is FREE!

  • 6-Blade Technology

    The 6-blade portable blender is more powerful than the traditional 4-mini blades, blending fruit and vegetables into amazing smoothies effortlessly is seconds!